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"I ponder, I feel, I desire. ...Shining One, who are you?"

Alcor / Al Saiduq
Anguished one - 憂う者
The eighth and last Septentrione - 'The Last Assassin'

The Anguished One, or Al Saiduq, is also known as the eighth and last Septentrione Alcor, the companion star to Mizar. Having taken a human form to help humanity against Polaris' law, he is the creator of the Nicaea website as well as the developer of the demon summoning app. He appears on the fourth day in front of the protagonist, calling him "Shining One" and enlightening the group about Megrez. He reappears now and then, revealing crucial informations about the Septentriones' weaknesses, sometimes directly opposing Yamato Hotsuin's will.

He is a very mysterious person, often appearing out of the blue and asking questions about mankind to the player. Despite opposing the party at some point, he clearly assures that he is not an enemy and wishes to help the Shining One, even though his way to do things may be cruel. He also explains during an event that he existed long before humanity did, and that he is the one who gave Man everything necessary so that they could gain access to civilization, including fire and language.

Should the player choose his route, having first reached rank 4 of his Fate System, he will join the party at level 55 and support the protagonist in regaining his teammates and defeating Polaris. Saiduq then becomes the controller of the new world the protagonist decided to create, a world of freedom and free will. However, if the hero sides with Ronaldo, Daichi or Yamato, Alcor will revert to his Septentrione form and will attack the party, as the "Last Assassin". Once defeated, the player can proceed to the battle with Polaris.

Current moveset
Command skills

Passive Skills
+ Stone
Null Phys

Auto Skill

Current Demons

Deity Asura

Tyrant Lucifer

Restorer and Triumphant / Liberator / Meritorious / Egalitarian / Kingmaker

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